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shanghai skyline timelapse
Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013
Thank you, Shanghai, for the last 4 years being my home, I will miss you. Looking forward to see you again. Greetings to all the friends went with me during that time. Our moments are frozen in one of the thousands of pictures i took. Thank you all for company. Bye Bye Shanghai. Hello, home...
Myanmar (Birma)
Sonntag, 18. November 2012
Two years after more or less opening the country for tourists and just some months after announcing freedom of the press I visited Myanmar, former known as Burma. Some says the government is just really bust that's why they're feeling enforced to open the borders, but maybe it's just because some progress for this nation is necessary and it's time to do some steps forward. However I hope for Myanmar and its multi ethnic peoples it's because of the second reason mentioned.
Check all the Burma photos at myflickr album.
Das Video vor dem anderen was schon kam...
Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012
(THIS VIDEO IS BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE) Thanks to all my friends in Shanghai for the time sharing moments and pictures. Now I am on my way to Africa and visiting home for a while later on.See you in August, folks!

Dieses Video entstand auch auf unserer ersten gemeinsamen Schanghai-flickr-Treff-Fahrrad-Tour. Komposition und Ergebnis ist hier ausgereifter als beim vorherigen Filmchen.
Nun bin ich erst einmal auf Reisen: unterwegs in der Heimat und in Afrika. Ich freue mich auf meinen Urlaub. Dieser Gruß in bewegten Bildern geht an alle, die in Shanghai geblieben sind.
Und an alle in Dessau: Rockt die Hütte :-D
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